Action At A Distance

by Leverett

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released February 8, 2015

penn chan jesse gertz cormac brown

drums on tracks 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 7
Jason Ingalls

vocals on track 4
Katherine Hulit, Bridgette Semler, Hilary Patenaude, Mackenzie Lewis, Fiona Cagney

vocals on track 10
Hlédís Maren

Produced by Jesse Gertz
recorded at Acadia Recording Company and the Motuo Fortress

mastered by Pat Keane at



all rights reserved


Leverett Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Let's Communicate
The wires that are between us
will all be crumbling down
even if you've got a lot to say
you won't even need to make a sound

don't make a sound
Track Name: Oscillator
I believe the oscillator oscillates itself
I believe the grand machine operates itself

you've got to turn it on and will go
you've got to put it on - it's all for show
I've got to get it on - it's all I know
because if I don't I'll lose control

smoke rings float
things aren't so lonely
the truth will be forgiven
the river below me floats so slowly
into an endless sea

the river below me floats so slowly
into you and me
Track Name: Unclothing
baby you look good tonight
your skirt is real nice
and your top, too
you've got a great sense of style

she's taking off her clothes, now
she's taking off her clothes (x2)

if it's alright with you
I'd like it if you took your clothes off
I want to see you
totally and completely naked
I could help you - if you want me to
help you undo those buttons on your blouse

she's taking off her clothes, now
she's taking off her clothes (x2)

take your socks off
you can leave them on the floor right there
you need some help with that skirt, baby?
let me help you with that skirt, baby
I like the way your clothes are piled by my feet...
...I like the way they are just within my reach

so give me all your clothes now,
I'll be wearing them home tonight
Track Name: Grandfather's Axe
I'm feeling hot like a dog in a car
Like a dog in a car on fire.

I don't want nothing, I only want you
I don't need nothing, I just want you.

Got a fistful of flies and a still-beating cadillac heart.
There's room inside for you and me, we can fall apart.

Je suis une pierre dans la paume de votre main

What's the use in feeling when nothing feels good?
What's the use in feeling if it ain't you?

I'm shaking, and I'm crawling, now. I'm on my knees and I'm crawling now. Like theseus, I ain't no prince. I'm just a lamb quivering in your gaze. I've made a mistake. Take me back.
Track Name: Wizard
days, spent in haze
sit around by myself
friends came and went
don't come around anymore

I'll work my charms
until these spells cast themselves


what have I become?
a shadow of what I was
I'm not the same
the more I try, the more I change

I don't need them
I'm fine by myself
Track Name: Swallow
I just want to love
and I want you to love me too
I just want to ride
swallow my pride and get swallowed whole by you

I want to get away
to some far away place where they don't know my name
I want to see the sun set fire your lips
as you brandish them and brand me
send word to my family - I'm going away

how long must I ride to leave this behind me?
if my love lets me go, will I know it?

I drive through the night
this road goes on and on and on
it goes on
Track Name: Little Dream Song
a little song I dreamt last night
a little beat - in my sleep
a little melody keeps me awake
but I can't play it
no, I can't play it
Track Name: Ghost
you've got nothing to fear now
you are a ghost
your bones are dust, let me carry you
we can run until we fall apart

three things have come and gone
the sun, the moon, and you
I awoke alone
numb - head to toe
I stared into lights
into red and white
and in the sky, where they say the gods reside
fingers of glass shattered into stars
the voice in my head says I'm made of lead
but why should I believe what she says?
she says "it doesn't matter... at all..."